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Get to Know Your Audience Via Surveys

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Have you ever received one of those surveys in the mail after visiting a store or having a surgical procedure? One of the most prominent questions is “What did you like and what can we improve on?” It is worded differently in each one you receive but the point is that they want to know your opinion of the job they are doing. Use surveys to get in touch with your readers.

Surveys are quite helpful. Anyone can sell a product online and get a few sales, but not everyone can tap into what their readers want to create lifelong customers. This would mean repeat business which is better than one-time hits.

The Point of Surveys

The point of a survey is to gauge the reader’s opinion of something. The information is useful for creating things like:

• Better customer service protocols
• New products
• New programs
• New services
• Improve sales

But, you must do something with them for all of this to happen. Don’t just let those metrics go to waste. Some sites use survey companies to distribute and tally website surveys and polls. It makes the job easier for you and they will also give you a breakdown of what they discovered with the surveys.

Now the rest is up to you. Start by creating a spreadsheet that includes all of the responses given. It would be best to use a survey that has lettered choice instead of just write-in boxes. Now, rank the responses. Use this as a framework for coming up with ways to try and make changes in answer to what your readers would like to see.

Reader Response

You may have to do a few surveys to get readers to take them seriously. As an online customer you know that sometimes surveys are simply for show. The companies who ask for your input never do anything about the suggestions that you give. But, all of them are not like that.

This is where the relationship building begins with your readers on this front. Try to change one thing at a time. If you can, bring attention to it so that readers know you took them seriously. In the future more people will take the surveys and help you to make your business a success.

Give it a try. Your readers are as ready to help you as you are to help them. After all, you can’t always read their mind and if you can give them what they want they’ll be more apt to stick with you for the long haul instead of finding someone else who can.


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