Do you Know Why the Hashtag Can Be Good for Facebook?

Tweet You have probably seen the increased use of hashtags on your Facebook News Feed lately and wondered…why? This is something that has typically only been seen on other social networks like Twitter, used to denote trends. But on Facebook they can seem awkward and out of place. They are not clickable and they don’t [...]

7 Things Every Business Owner Should Remember When Setting Up Social Media

Tweet When you start setting up new social media accounts for your business, there is a lot more to it than just filling in a few different forms and clicking “Join.” There are many factors that entrepreneurs overlook when they start creating their social media business pages and profiles. Here are seven things you need [...]

Have You Have You Made Any of These 5 Social Media Mistakes?

Tweet Social media is something that all businesses need in order to grow. When you get started, it can take a lot of time and effort to get things rolling. So you do a little research, sign up for a few accounts and add a little content, but haven’t seen any results. What gives? When [...]

Do You Know How to Use Twitter Chat to Increase Your Followers?

Tweet Businesses and individuals are always looking for new ways to increase their number of followers on Twitter. Most ways involve nothing more than paying a fee and seeing an extra 1,000 followers added on. That’s okay, if all you’re interested in is having a higher number. But if what you really want is a [...]

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