Using Google+ Business Pages to Market Your Business

Tweet When Google+ first opened its doors to users, there were no business pages allowed. It was strictly for personal use, and anyone caught trying to create a brand page soon found that page deleted. But all that has changed now and businesses are finally able to stake a claim on this social networking site. [...]

The Six Reasons Why You Need to Start Marketing on Pinterest

Tweet Pinterest is the newest social media phenomenon and it just hit over 10 million members. In six months, the virtually unknown site saw a 4,000% increase in visits, leading it to become one of the fastest growing websites of all time. In one week alone, there were 11 million hits on Pinterest. There are [...]

10 Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Fan Numbers on Facebook

Tweet In the world of social media, it is clear that Facebook is the champion. There are nearly 900 million people using Facebook today and it is being used by a wide range of demographics. No matter what your target audience is for your business, you can be sure that they are going to be [...]

The New Facebook: 7 Privacy Concerns about the Open Graph

Tweet Does it ever surprise you just how well Facebook seems to know you? It’s almost like the advertisements are created just for you. Facebook collects plenty of data about its users through any apps you choose to use, such as games. The only way to avoid this completely is to stop using these apps. [...]

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