Blog Carnival . . . What?

Tweet A blog carnival, it sounds like a family outing more than something you do online doesn’t it?  Many people wonder about what exactly a blog carnival is, and if it can actually help increase awareness of your blog or not.  Here’s the details on a blog carnival. A blog carnival is when you as [...]

Make Your Blog Social

Tweet If you have a blog then you likely understand its importance.  A blog can connect you to your readers and give you the ability to communicate with them effectively.  Not only do you want to be the one starting the “conversation” you want the conversation to be “two-sided” you want your readers to react [...]

Social Bookmarking is SEO Friendly

Tweet So, we’ve talked about the benefits as well as the rules of social bookmarking.  Now, let’s consider another huge benefit of social bookmarking, the fact that it is SEO friendly.  That is search engine optimization friendly.  Basically, it does some of the hard work for you, so why not take advantage of it. Will [...]

Social Bookmarking “Rules”

Tweet Even in social bookmarking there are “rules”.  You understand right? We all have rules we live by in almost every circumstance.  In this case, following the “rules” whether official or unofficial could help you to go far.  That’s what you want right? To experience the “benefits” we mentioned in the last post that social [...]

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