Tips for a Top Notch Linked In Profile

Tweet LinkedIn, the networking site for business and professionals is a great place to showcase your business and  your skills.  You can utilize LinkedIns many features to truly make your profile top notch.  Here are some ways to do so Add Your Blog RSS Feeds to LinkedIn – This handy feature allows you to pull [...]

Utilizing Social Media Part 3

Tweet A couple of days ago we discussed a second way to utilize social media, via backlinks.  The first way was by using content.  Today we are going to discuss a third way to utilize social media, via social networking.  This is the main use of social media, is social networking, that’s because it is [...]

Utilizing Social Media Part 2

Tweet Last week we covered one of the first ways to utilize social media, “content is king” and the many ways that you can use content and social media to grow your business.  Fortunately, social media can help to grow your business when connected with other areas as well.  Social media also helps to provide [...]

Where Would We Be Without Social Media?

Tweet You may remember the day when people actually sat on porches or in their yards after work and talked. You may remember “visiting” neighbors or calling a friend via the telephone. Do those days seem like ages and ages ago? Times have changed tremendously and the ways that we connect and communicate have as [...]

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