Building Your Online Network or Tribe

Tweet When you’re growing a business the most important thing is to place yourself in front of your target market as often as possible. This is one of the most difficult tasks to perform simple because it’s hard to know where they can be found and how to place yourself in front of them in [...]

Networking Do’s & Don’ts

Tweet If you want to succeed online, then meeting people who’ve already succeeded before you is going to be a huge help. In fact, this could be the sole difference between success and failure. How do you network locally and at seminars? This crash course will help you build relationships that’ll help boost your network [...]

Are You Still in Fear Over Social Media?

Tweet I could just tell you to dive right in, or I could tell you that having a strategy or plan needs to be put in place first. However you choose to see it, the fear is an irrational feeling and usually driven by a lack of experience or knowledge. Sometimes, as a social media [...]

Dawn’s View: Local Businesses Using Social Media

Tweet Today, I just wanted to let you know that your market really is watching you on Social Media. I was contacted last week by someone locally here about helping a local animal shelter gain some exposure using social media marketing. This person did a local twitter search and started following me and my tweets. [...]

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