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How to Set Up Your Own Content Marketing Calendar

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Content marketing is a huge part of ensuring your business’ success online. If you plan to capitalize on this form of marketing, it’s important that you set up and follow a content marketing calendar. This type of calendar can help ensure that you stay consistent with your content production and posting on your website, blog and social networks.

The calendar for your company should include a breakdown of each form of content that you include in your marketing strategy. This includes social media updates, blog posts, articles, info graphics and web content. You need to include with this a set time period for creating and posting the content.

If more than one person shares the responsibility of producing and publishing content for your company, make sure that the calendar is easily accessed by each of them. Limit the editing of the calendar to just one person, though, to help eliminate confusion.

Use your calendar to list which topics need to be covered when, how often to publish content, and link any content that can do double-duty (blog posts as articles, links to content in social media updates, webinars that can be turned into videos and eBooks).

This type of organization can help your company reach a target audience for the most efficient marketing throughout the year.

Here are the steps to building your own content marketing calendar for your business:

1) Find the right calendar program for you

There are plenty of spreadsheet programs available to build your calendar in, so find the one that fits best for you. You can build one online with Google Docs, which will make it easy to share, or simply create one with your computer program.

2) List your projects

Try to lay out your projects for the entire year and set them into the calendar. Figure out what types of content to include and what topics you need to cover. Use one row for each project. In the columns, divide each project into the following:

Project description: The name of the project, what it is about, who is responsible for this project.

Content type: List each platform that you use for content, including all social networks you use for your business, blogs, articles and any guest blog projects. Also list any eBook or video content projects.

Completion dates: Make sure you list a deadline for each project and send out reminders to the person responsible for those projects as the deadline approaches.

Publish dates: Set the date and time when each piece of content needs to be posted online and where it is to be published- blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Keywords: Keep a list of your important keywords that need to be included when the content is created.

Project status: Make a column to keep track of the status of each project- being researched, being written, being edited, posted.

After you have completed your content calendar, make sure each person is aware of their responsibilities and what the expectations are for use of the calendar. In order for the content marketing calendar to be useful, everyone needs to know how to use it.

Can a content marketing calendar make things easier for your business? Do you currently use a content calendar?



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