5 Fabulous Marketing Tips for Using Twitter and Google Search

Tweet   Using Twitter Search in your social media campaign can be a very useful tool for marketing your business, if you know how to execute it properly. Filtering and putting the focus on what matters in your business is the bottom line and main objective when searching. Twitter offers a broad search feature at [...]

Yahoo Shuts Down Delicious. Options Left For Bookmarking?

Tweet The news spread like poison ivy. It seems that Yahoo has made the decision to shut down the bookmarking site, Delicious. Many weren’t surprised since Yahoo has had some recent employee layoffs, coupled with talk of them shutting down or “streamlining” their product base. If you are one of the few who never heard [...]

4 Advantages of Using SEO in Social Media

Tweet Did you know that social media is also a great tool for search engine optimization? It certainly can be if used in the proper manner. With the variety and abundance of businesses out there who are using the Internet as their medium for releasing information, having a high-ranking search engine result is very important. [...]

New Facebook Business Pages, Yay or Nay?

Tweet Facebook recently announced that they would be making changes and “improvements” to their business pages. One of those “improved” business pages were recently leaked to their users, causing an influx of opinions and comments on the new layout and design. If you haven’t seen the new look, their are some major differences compared to [...]

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