2008 Online word of the year Networking. Would you Agree?

Tweet Networking is used in every aspect of the world today: job search network, office network, supplier network, offline network, online networking, social media networking, church network, friend network, school network, dating network, ect…. What networks are you a part of? So what is this word networking and what does it mean to you and [...]

Social Bookmarking for my Business?

Tweet Along with social networking sites, there are now a number of social bookmarking sites on the Internet. While social networking sites build upon the relationships of its members social bookmarking sites create connections through the types of content generated (or bookmarked) by members. It is these connections that make social bookmarking such an effective [...]

No longer just a buzz Social Media

Tweet Social networking is no longer just a buzz word, but an Internet must have. It represents a way for people to interact without traveling half way around the globe or even leaving their home’s comfort. Read on to find out exactly what social networking is and its potential to enhance you and your business. [...]

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