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Yahoo Shuts Down Delicious. Options Left For Bookmarking?

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The news spread like poison ivy. It seems that Yahoo has made the decision to shut down the bookmarking site, Delicious. Many weren’t surprised since Yahoo has had some recent employee layoffs, coupled with talk of them shutting down or “streamlining” their product base.

If you are one of the few who never heard of Delicious, it was tops in the bookmarking sites. It started in 2003, and was a site that many Internet users utilized on a regular basis. Problem being as time passed so did the need for the service that Delicious provided. Browsers of 2011 can easily sync bookmarks. They either have that capability built right in, or with the addition of a simple plugin can become the forefront for bookmarking pretty much anything we want or need.

Also over the last few years we have seen the explosion of social media sites. These sites are capable of sharing links as easy as the sites like Delicious that were designed just to share links. Even though many are sad to see the demise of Delicious, it was bound to happen as the Internet keeps growing and evolving with new and different things.

Many argue that if it wasn’t the property of a company like Yahoo, it could have been saved or revitalized. This may have been the case, but how long would that truly have lasted? It is best to fondly remember Delicious for what it was at its heyday, a really great bookmarking site when we needed a great bookmarking site. Now consumers have other options, and in the future we will be sure to receive even more options. That’s the way the Internet grows and that’s the way we as consumers and users of the Internet grow as well. Like it or not.


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