Promoting Your Business Via Social Media

Tweet You see people asking all the time, “How do I market my business?” In today’s society one of the top answers is definitely via social media.  Social media is the playground of today’s society.  No more is the radio or newspaper the top source of news and information. Therefore, you should be certain that [...]

Apps for Facebook

Tweet Apps for Facebook With all the new technology out there, and in all different capacities and forms, it wouldn’t surprise me if you hadn’t heard of Apps for Facebook before. Well, there are! You can add many different applications to your Facebook page. Listed below are some of the really great ones, especially for [...]

Lost in a Sea of Social Media?

Tweet Are you lost in a sea of social media? Wondering if you and your business have all the tools, widgets, profiles, and strategies that it takes to stay afloat in this ever changing social media ocean?  Don’t worry, social media doesn’t have to feel like a vast ocean, it can feel like you’re swimming [...]

Four Social Media Strategy Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Tweet It really is no surprise that over the past two years social media marketing has received a ton of attention. Most often, you’ll see a lot of success stories by internet celebrities, major brands and niche businesses and how they used it to their benefit. However, for others, the success stories just aren’t happening. [...]

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