Tips for Advertising on Facebook

Tweet You can use the traditional methods which include your own work. These would include advertising your business on your profile page and your fan page. You can also advertise on other fan pages or groups you’re apart of. If these pages allow advertising it will be made known on the main page or on [...]

Are You Using Facebook to Your Advantage

Tweet If you plan to use Facebook to grow your business, it’s important you use it the correct way. Facebook is a great way to communicate with your family and friends, but it’s also a good way to grow your business and reach success with the people you’re friends with.   One of the best [...]

How to Use Twitter Combined with LinkedIn for Prospecting

Tweet So you’ve got a small business, you’ve made up your marketing strategy and you’ve got your niche market. Everything is planned out and ready to go except, how to approach that niche market. Some thoughts might be going through your mind like, “I don’t want to be rejected by my niche group” or “I [...]

4 Tips to Fail with Twitter

Tweet Twitter is one of the most valuable tools you can use to grow your business. Even the larger corporations are starting to use this tool to grow their business. While you’ll find this is the best way to grow, the only way it will happen is to use it correctly. SPAM is something people [...]

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