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4 Advantages of Using SEO in Social Media

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Did you know that social media is also a great tool for search engine optimization? It certainly can be if used in the proper manner. With the variety and abundance of businesses out there who are using the Internet as their medium for releasing information, having a high-ranking search engine result is very important.

As a marketing avenue, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one in its own and has received a lot of attention due to the enormous rise in Internet business and the need to gain the right sort of traffic to your website.  However, most businesses overlook the association between SEO and social media marketing. 

When you post a link on your Twitter account, it creates a powerful back linking system to your website. Equally as important is Facebook, not to mention all the other social media platforms out there.  As a matter of fact, the same results are acquired every time you post on Facebook. Another very important factor is the impact you make when focusing on the long-term social media campaign. Being repetitious and consistent is the secret to successful social media and building SEO.

Keep in mind when starting your social media campaign and create it so there is a purpose of SEO behind it. If you build SEO correctly within your social media, it not only will be a successful marketing campaign, but it will also serve as a long-term branding operation by boosting your search engine ranking.

1. Social media as a back-linking tool.
If you’ve been using social media platforms to promote your services or products, you should have a good idea of how those back links you’ve generated can naturally and instantly provide traffic.  For instance, when using Twitter for a targeted marketing campaign where direct links are involved, you are generating a promotion; however, it is also generating back links. If people are interested in your product or services, they basically will promote it for you. Incredible, isn’t it? At the same time, those back links revealed by you and other’s on Twitter, are instantly going into search engines and are naturally providing SEO for your website.
2. Social media establishes relationships, which again, builds links.
As mentioned above, people who like you, your services or products will promote the same links you are trying to market and promote. It provides you a way to generate relationships, and if you’re providing an honest, likeable and ethical relationship, people are going to talk about it. Not only will they expose your links, they’ll make their own. Your focus should be creating relationships and reasons for why others should want to connect with you. If done so successfully, people will be inspired to share your information, write blogs about you and generate new links back to your website.
3. Social media profiles.
Last week we discussed the importance of completing your profile for several reasons. This time, the reason is boosting SEO. Automatically, when you fill out your profile, it’s entered with all the rest into search engines. However, the more popular it is, the more attention it will receive, which is why you should never leave it blank to begin with. When building your profiles always keep SEO in mind and add specific keywords so that you are generating quality and targeted information that pertains to your company, products or services.
4. Social media and your reputation.
Because profiles in social media platforms rank high in the search engine process, overcoming any kind of negative feedback and tracking what others are saying, can easily be achieved. If you’re keeping your profiles up-to-date and providing valuable content, you can move those negative comments completely out-of-the-way. Also, if you’ve used SEO properly in all your social media platforms, then you’ll be able to track any comments made about you, your company, your products or services. This will enable you to rectify any damaging comments, as well as praise those who give you positive feedback. These can be managed through Google analytics or by performing a search of your company and/or social media profiles in Google. 

For further information on Social Media management and all of its competitive advantages, please contact Dawn at BeSocialWorldwide.com. She is currently offering a free consultation to get you on the right track with social media marketing.


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