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Why Your Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates

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For many businesses, a solid social media strategy is vital for being successful. It can be difficult to keep up with the constant stream of changes and reach out to your target audience in an effective manner. This is why it is so beneficial for your business to seek out brand advocates. A good brand advocate can increase the efficiency of your social marketing strategies.

One of the best untapped resources for brand advocates is your own employee pool. It is very likely that the majority of your employees are already immersed in the social media landscape. They interact and engage with a broad network of people every day. Don’t overlook your employees who are active in social media as a source for spreading the word about your brand.

They are a cost-effective resource

There are many businesses that are willing to shell out a lot of money in order to have a network of brand advocates out there extolling the virtues of the company. When you turn to your employees to do this, you are already paying them, so you don’t have to put out any extra money.

All it takes is a little training about how to advocate your brand properly and the best way to be effective on social media and you can quickly have a team of people who are reaching thousands of people every day.

People trust their networks

People have always relied on the information they get from people they trust about a company before making a purchasing decision. It is no different these days and social networking makes it even easier.

You can go online and see millions of peoples’ opinions of different products and companies. When the people in your own network have positive things to say about a brand, then it is easier to trust that you will also be happy with it.

Your employees have already created a broad network on social media. If they are showing the members of that network the positive aspects of your company’s products and services, then you are reaching an audience that already trusts what that person is telling them. This social proof makes it easier for people to make a decision on whether or not to buy from your brand.

Great brand advocates understand your business

An outsider as a brand advocate does not have a large incentive to make your business a success. Whether you succeed or fail is not their concern. When your advocates are employees, though, then they have a very big reason to make sure you succeed: their livelihood. If they want to be with the company for the long-term, then they are happy to do what they can to make sure your brand is thriving.

An insider also gives a unique perspective to outsiders, which is what many people want these days. Transparency is an important factor for businesses. Consumers want to know everything they can about a company and its products before making the decision to buy from them. Having employees out there giving those inside glimpses to their networks offers this transparency that consumers want.

A network of brand advocates will help get your business noticed on social media by thousands of people. Your own team of employees makes the best champions for your brand, so make sure you are utilizing them to their fullest potential.

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