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Video Marketing – Part 1

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This is the first in a series of posts on video marketing. In the every changing world of social media we are all attempting to put our best foot forward. Many times this can mean doing things that are “out of your comfort zone”. Many business owners are afraid to put themselves out there, especially on camera, but in a YouTube generation you must be willing to show your face on video and be “real” with your audience as it is a wonderful way to market your business. They get to see the “face” of the company and can almost instantly be likely to know you, like you and trust you.

If this wasn’t enough, there are other benefits as well:

1) The Like-ability factor.
There’s just something about video that makes people resonate with you, connect with you and LIKE you. They get to see your facial expressions, connect with your voice, and hear your passion. Allow video to help your audience LIKE you.

2)  Super SEO. Google and other search engines love video and will help you quickly and easily be found on Google.  A simple search can help them locate your video quickly.

3)  Expert Status. A video can help you to be seen by others as an expert.  Videos are watched by thousands of people online weekly.  You want your face to be the one that they see when searching for the topic in your area of knowledge and expertise.

4)  Reuse your content. Say you’ve written an article or blog post recently.  Did you know you can flip on your camera, and record yourself audibly saying the same content and reuse your content.  There are people out there in your target market who prefer to watch you on video than read your article, you want to reach those people.

5) Go to the masses. Video is very popular it can help get you in front of the masses of people out there who are watching videos quickly and easily.  It is definitely worth your time to create videos and upload them to sites such as YouTube.


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