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Utilizing Social Media Part 2

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Last week we covered one of the first ways to utilize social media, “content is king” and the many ways that you can use content and social media to grow your business.  Fortunately, social media can help to grow your business when connected with other areas as well.  backlinks

Social media also helps to provide backlinks to your site.  You probably put a lot of work into your website or you may have paid big bucks to have someone put it together for you and make sure it was set up to be SEO friendly.  Backlinks are another way to help the SEO of your site.

Backlinks are important for Search Engine Ranking.  The following are places where you can get links back to your site that are niche related

Social Bookmarking- When utilizing social media be sure to have others to “bookmark” your newest blogs posts and website on the popular social bookmarking sites such as Delicious and Stumble Upon.  These will help to gain traffic to your website.

Niche specific directory listings – Every niche as directory listing for their specific niche.  Once you determine your niche you will want to get your website into these directory listings.  This will provide another backlink to your site.

Advertising (free or paid) – If you must advertising is another way that you can get backlinks to your site.  You can find free ways to do so, and you can of course purchase ads.   You would only want to do this in a place that will provide highly targeted traffic.


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    One other good way to obtain backlinks is to leave comments on social media sites and blogs.

    It works well. ;)

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