5 Tips to Expand Your Email List through Facebook

Tweet As a business, it is always a goal to grow your customer base. Finding new leads for potential customers becomes a priority and developing the right strategies to accomplish this goal is a necessity. One way that your business can reach more prospects is by having a healthy email list. An email list gives [...]

Fix the 5 Most Common Facebook Fan Page Problems

Tweet There are a lot of social media sites that are growing in popularity these days but Facebook still remains the leader. There are billions of users on Facebook, making it an excellent tool for finding leads for your business. But not every business gets the desired results by creating a Facebook brand page. There [...]

New Rules for Facebook Contests

Tweet Facebook contests are a great way to generate excitement and get more attention for your brand. The rules that have been in place put a few restrictions on what a business could and could not do when holding a contest. Those rules were not often followed and were somewhat hard to understand. In an [...]

Do you Fully Understand the Basics of Facebook Hashtags?

Tweet Recently, Facebook opted to make hashtags functional for users. Many people have been including hashtags in their posts for a long time, in spite of the fact that they were useless. Now, hashtags have the same type of functionality on Facebook as they do on Twitter. A lot of users are still unsure of [...]

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