5 Tips to Expand Your Email List through Facebook

Tweet As a business, it is always a goal to grow your customer base. Finding new leads for potential customers becomes a priority and developing the right strategies to accomplish this goal is a necessity. One way that your business can reach more prospects is by having a healthy email list. An email list gives [...]

Tips for Building and Using an Email List

Tweet If you write content for the web, you might think that your readers are satisfied to just keep up with your postings through their chosen RSS feed. While this is true, it doesn’t allow you to make a direct connection with those fans. In order to build a bond with your readers, you need [...]

The 4 Things That Really Get Your Customers Excited

Tweet In our normal, everyday lives, we put a lot of energy into getting noticed by people we want to get a little closer to. When it comes to our business-selves though, many of us don’t take the time to make sure we’re doing everything we can to be more attractive to our customers. Sure, [...]

Social Media and Email Marketing Together

Tweet Social media is a very useful way to market your business, but you must remember that it is not the end all be all to marketing your business. You should still be utilizing other strategies including list building and email marketing campaigns. Allow the two to work together, using multiple ways of marketing after [...]

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