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Social Media and Email Marketing Together

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Social media is a very useful way to market your business, but you must remember that it is not the end all be all to marketing your business. You should still be utilizing other strategies including list building and email marketing campaigns. Allow the two to work together, using multiple ways of marketing after all is a good thing. You want to make it appear that you are literally everywhere all at the same time. After all, research shows that it takes someone seeing your message 7 times before they take action on it.

That proves that you shouldn’t just Tweet something or post a Facebook message, but you should also utilize your email list as well. You can also make your email marketing part of your social media campaign. You can do so by:


1. Adding an RSS feed to your site. Use Feedburner and your feed can be delivered via RSS through a reader, or via email.

2. Add your RSS feed to your newsletter too. A great way to keep your reader’s coming back to your blog.
3. Add a refer a friend script. This gives your readers the ability to share your content with others. After all you want someone else tooting your horn for you right?

Make these two very good marketing tools work together, utilize social media along side email marketing and you are sure to see results.


  • pjd social media

    Interesting then that Ben & Jerry's have just ditched their e-mail marketing campaign altogether in favor of social media isn't it?

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