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Squidoo – Who? 10 Tips

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As more and more businesses turn to the Internet to promote their business, it becomes necessary to use the right media. Some Internet marketers have realized that sometimes a blog is not enough to attract customers to their main website. This is where Squidoo can come to the rescue.

So we know Squidoo is a good thing, but how…

Tips you can use
1. Set up your profile. Include a photo and bio that quickly tells readers who you are, what you’re about, and steers them towards some of your lenses. Establish your identity internet reputation.

2. Give your lens an appealing and informative name. The title needs to: a) grab readers attention, sound catchy rather than generic which will pique curiosity b) make it clear what the page is about and c) include terms that people might search for when looking for your sort of topic.

3. Tag your lens. Don’t go crazy, but add phrases people might search for when looking for your topic.

4. Write a good introduction, using text that’s informative and appealing to the reader, and that contains keywords/search terms for Google.

5. Content – we all know great content is king. Teach readers about your concepts and products.

6. Link your lens to your website pages to improve the ranking of your lens first. Over time your lens will be indexed will give a PR bump (and traffic) to your website in return. You could promote the same or different products on your website and lens. This is more effective than just using Squidoo or website alone.

7. Include links to related content. Google notices not only who’s linking to you, but what you’re linking to, and especially the words and phrases you use as the link. Highlight other websites that compliment your product.

8. Proofread. Grammar and spelling still matter, even if people don’t consciously realize why some pages seem sloppy. At least run your text through a spellchecker.

9. Mix up your content with ads and images.

10. Be interactive. Guestbooks and polls invite people to participate and come back. Also, updated or changing content gives your page a few brownie points in search engine rankings, and reader input is like a free update!

There are many great resources for Squidoo
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Squidoo Graphics

Seo for Squidoo

Squidoo is a great place to promote your product/service but just like everything else it takes time and determination and good content to get it done. Be Social Worldwide can do the setup for you – just provide the content.


  • http://www.affiliatemarketingprodigy.com Tara @ Affiliate Marketing Prodigy

    Squidoo is not only a great resource for promotion but also an amazing community of support. I have been a lens master for a year and have 35 lens currently. My lens get indexed fast and I have had great success with Squidoo.

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