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How to Choose the Best Social Media Marketer for Your Brand

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For many businesses, finding the time to focus on social media marketing can be difficult. This is where having the help of a professional social media marketer can be beneficial. When there is a specific person who can pay attention to creating the proper status updates for Facebook, that leaves you free to focus on the aspects of the business that need your full attention.

The trick is finding the right person to fit with your business. You cannot select the first person you find listed on a freelance website. Do a little research, set your own list of standards, and find the best person for the job.

Look for someone who:

Is a true marketer

Online marketing is a serious task and requires a person with discipline to focus on the job. Not every person with a Facebook or Twitter account will know how to do it the right way for a brand. Instead of choosing someone who has experience using social networks for themselves, look for a person who has experience in growing an audience and promoting brands.

Thinks critically

A person who is a good marketer will be able to analyze, test and take risks. They will come up with new strategies and balance them with proven strategies in order to create the best plan for your brand. Ask potential candidates about their strategies and explain why they use them, and the results they achieved by putting them into action.

Executes to perfection

A good marketer will be one who has patience, focus and knowledge to put a strategy into motion. You want to know that the person you hire has a strong record of executing their plans, meeting deadlines and keeping a standard of quality.

Is not a social media darling

There are many marketers out there who have already made a name for themselves and are well-known for their social media expertise. The idea of having such an influencer helping your business might be tempting, but many of these marketers will be more focused on growing their own brand instead of yours. You want someone who can give a unique voice to your business instead of their own.

When you have found the person that you think will do the best job for your brand, make sure that you stay involved. Don’t just hand over the social media reins completely. A person who is new to your company will need time to understand the culture of your business. Take time to introduce them to your people, tell them the story of your company and help them understand how to pass that story along and grow your brand.

Sit down with your marketer and come up with a strategy that is going to work best for your business. Explain your expectations and be committed to the plan.

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