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Don’t Be Socially Distracted

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Let’s face it social media and all the many tools and widgets and streams can be well, distracting. Not only can it pull us away from work more often than we care to admit, but it can also be a place where we can easily lose focus. It is important to use social media, but use it wisely, be “smart” about how you use your social media sources and time. Don’t get too easily distracted by every link that comes across your Twitter stream or every new blog post that your friends post on their Facebook pages, stay focused, here’s how to be “smart” :

S – Specific. You know your niche. So stay with links and information that is specific to your niche, or your target market which will help to keep you on track.

M – Measurable. Be sure the time you spend on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and other social media sites is measurable. If you have no clue how much time you’ve spent networking on these sites in a days time then, likely you’re spending too much time on this task. You need not spend unfathomable amounts of time using social media to benefit from it. Set aside an hour or two a day to purposefully network.

A – Aim. Have a target you are aiming for, whether it be “promoting your latest product”, “connecting with new clients”, “sharing some knowledge” or just “relaxing and chatting.” Have an aim or a goal for the time you spend networking.

R – Real.
This is probably the most important part of Smart socializing. That you are being real. It will carry you much farther than anything else you do in social media.

T- Time.
Don’t let the time you spend on social media get sucked away. Keep up with your time and use it wisely.

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