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5 Tips for Your Small Business to Go Social like a Big Business

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As a small business, you have many advantages over bigger businesses when it comes to social media marketing. For example, you can connect on a more personal level, respond faster and have more intimate interactions with your fans. But there are some things that you can learn from the larger companies in order to get the most from social media.

Here are five of the best things you can learn from big business social marketing:

Always Start With Your End Goals in Mind

Before you set up a social marketing strategy, you have to know what your goals are. Having a clear set of goals will give you an idea of how you should plan your activities each day. You need to know why you are using social media and what goals you are hoping to reach in order to use it successfully.

Your business needs social media in order to engage customers and build on their loyalty. Using social networks can also spread your brand awareness. If you want to increase sales, these two things are an important part of marketing.

Figure out what goals you want to reach and start planning your strategies in order to meet those goals.

Think like a Publisher

If you want to be successful in online marketing, you need quality content. If you don’t feel that you are a strong writer, you can either learn how to become better or hire someone else to do the writing for you.

Every article, email, newsletter, blog post, status update and tweet needs to be written with care in order to resonate with customers. The better your content, the better the engagement.

Think like Your Audience

When you are working with social media, you need to know what is going to motivate your audience. Figure out what they want to read, learn about and share. Knowing this will make it easier for you to create quality content.

Fans don’t want to read about the boring aspects of your business, the products or the industry. Instead, write about what matters to them- the benefits you offer or what they can do with your products.

Real-Time Marketing

Social media should not replace everything else. It is another way for your business to connect and engage with your customers. When you are asked questions or receive a compliment or complaint, it is important to respond as quickly as possible.

You want to use it as a tool that allows you to keep up with what the customers are saying right now. This regular interaction is what will build a solid bond between your fans and your business. That helps turn an average fan into a loyal advocate.

Share Your Story

Getting your story out there is an important way to build your brand. Having people out there acting as your advocates will help to push your brand even further. You need to have a campaign that other people want to support and share across the Web.

Bloggers are an excellent example. Big businesses are enlisting the help of bloggers every day to act as brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors share their views of the company and its products, telling readers why they should stand behind the company too.

You can reach out to some bloggers and ask them to do a review of your business or product. If you can show them that you are genuinely interested in their opinions, many will be glad to spread the word.

There are many lessons to be learned from the way big businesses use social media to strengthen their brand. You can watch and learn from them, and then apply those things to your own small business in order to watch your own brand grow.

What lessons have you learned to help with your social media marketing? Share with us!



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