Social Bookmarking Tags

Tweet There are several things that you can do to be able to easily navigate your social bookmarkes one of these things is to tag your bookmarks.  Much like using keywords on your website, this makes your bookmarks easier to find and searchable too. So, the next time you are doing some bookmarking remember to [...]

Benefits of Using as a Link Shortener

Tweet If you share links a lot, you probably run into the need for shortening the link.  Especially if you’re a Twitter user, this need comes up frequently.  While there are quite a few link shorteners out there, which is celebrating its birthday is a great choice with several benefits. These benefits include: The [...]

Using WordPress Is Good for Your Website & Your Business

Tweet WordPress is a blogging platform, a quite popular blogging platform that is because of the many options and benefits that it gives you.  As a result it is a wise choice for when you are going to have a blog in use for your business. WordPress has the option for its users to “self-host” [...]

Three Social Media Components of Internet Marketing Success

Tweet You may have noticed, those around you, those small business owners who are succeeding in Internet Marketing.  You may be wondering their strategy,  their secret.  Shh! It amounts to a few things, but there are three major social media components that are sure to help you to join them on that road to Internet [...]

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