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You’ve Sent the Traffic, Now What?

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As online business owners we spend a lot of time “generating traffic” to our websites. We hang out on Twitter, we post links on Facebook, we network, we article market. We do a variety of things to get that traffic going to our website, but are you asking your website visitors to do anything once they make it to your site or are you dropping the ball when it comes to this step?

It is important that you have a “call to action” on your website, a specific action that you want your website visitors to do once they make it to your website and you must make this call to action a prominent part of your site. Whether it be: call to action

1. Asking them to buy something
2. Having them sign up for a list.
3. Having them comment on a blog post.

You have to make these things evident. You need to prominently display your sign up box. Possibly even use a floating sign up or a pop up box to make sure that they do not leave before signing up for your list. Display your ebook graphics, inviting them to click to learn more about the ebook itself. Make sure to have interesting and valuable blog posts that they can read and comment on. Ask them specifically at the end of the posts to leave their questions, comments or opinion. You want to interact with your readers.

So, does your site have a “call to action”. If not, go fix it now!


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