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Would you pay for Twitter?

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It is truly hard to decide whether I would pay for a tool like Twitter. As a general rule I would venture to say probably not, I don’t pay for my LinkedIn (although there is a paid upgrade). I don’t pay for my Facebook, so why would I pay for Twitter? Then again would I be lost if Twitter got shut down due to a funds problem? Maybe ….

Recently, a study was done on this very topic “Would You Pay for Twitter?” STUDY can be found here.  The study revealed that a whopping number of us would NOT pay for the use of Twitter, or any other social media sites that we already receive use of for free.  There are some applications such as Flickr spoken of in the study which have opted for a free and a premium versions and do have some “die-hard” users who pay for the upgrade.  But, these applications started out this way from the very beginning, which seems to be the difference in the populations willingness to pay for it.

What about you . . . would you pay for Twitter? Facebook? Linked In? Do you pay for upgrades on sites like Flickr?


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