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What’s Involved in a Social Media Strategy?

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Social media, it’s the latest and hottest thing today for business owners, well for almost everyone that is. Everyone from grandmas to attorneys, from small boutique owners to singers can find some way to use social media in their daily lives, but for online business owners and internet marketers, for people like you and I, what is our strategy? Why should you have a strategy?

Well, the truth is if you “fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Which means in short, that if you don’t have a strategy for using social media in your business, if you don’t have something to “aim” for then likely you’ll miss it every time. So, develop your plan, create a strategy, determine your course of action and get set and do it.

Some of the things that you can do include, social bookmarking, blogging and commenting, social networking, forum participation, writing and submitting articles, and developing your online reputation. You may be knowledgeable in some of these areas, but be clueless in others, never fear, we’ll explain all of them in our next blog post so check back or add us to your RSS feeder.

But first, ask yourself, “What’s my strategy?” and “What am I aiming for?” It is a question that you should definitely answer before you begin.

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