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What Tools Are You Using For Social Media?

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Being a part of social media can be an enjoyable experience, but it can also be one that can bring some frustration into your life as well.  This can be especially true when you are using some of the social media tools that are out there that are meant to make the social media experience easier, but sometimes they fail and that causes us stress and frustration.

I had a scare today because a program that I use for my clients wasn’t  letting me in and I had worked ahead due to being out of town. So it brings to mind any tool you use, make sure that you have a backup or alternative tool.

I use seismic for my personal postings to Facebook and Twitter it’s very similar to Tweetdeck so I could switch if I had to.  You can also use Hootsuite or Tweetminer for Twitter postings.  What do you use?  Leave me a comment and let me know.

Then, I use Outlook to help with email tracking and the calendar for scheduling my life – a good backup would Gmail.  What have you found to be the most effective tool for you to keep up with email and your schedule?

What tools do you use to improve your business, your work flow and what backups do you have?

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  • http://www.TheVirtualAsst.com Michelle Mangen

    Hi Dawn:

    Though Facebook and LinkedIn are now link-a-able with Twitter I have heard of and did a tad of research on Sendible.com – which apparently has some scheduling features as well.

    Like you, I had a scare once upon a time when I used to use MyHours.com and all of the sudden for a few hours, several times, I was unable to access their site. Bye bye to that as I def. did not want to ever lose my hours as I would have no way to re-create them. So now I use QB, what would happen if that went down? I have no idea!


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