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What Is Social Bookmarking

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If you spend a ton of time online you likely run across websites, articles, recipes, and more that you want to come back to again at some point.  A great way to be able to do so is to bookmark the site.  These days there are a variety of ways that you can “bookmark” your favorite places on the web, and all the great sites, articles and other things that you want to “store” for a later time.

Social bookmarking sites, give you many options and are a place to allow you to “bookmark” and return to your favorite places online again and again.  There are several options when it comes to social bookmarking, which also allow you to share your bookmarks with others on the web, hence why it is a “social” task.

There are two different main types of social bookmarking sites, there are those voting sites, such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Mixx and then there are the standard social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, furl, Blinklist and Ma.gnolia.

The difference between these sites is simple, voting sites such as Digg allow users to vote for the bookmarks of others and creates a ranking on the site itself, basically whoever’s bookmarks are found interesting are voted for and then ranked according to how many votes they have received.  Your website being stumbled or Dugg is a great way to gain exposure as well.

Standard sites allow users on the other hand to merely store and share their bookmarks with others.  Either can serve a specific purpose and are found to be quite useful to users.

When using social bookmarking tools and sites it is important to use specific keywords to help track what you are bookmarking.

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