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Using Your Blog to Socialize

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When you hear the term “social media” most of you probably think of the social media sites that are all the jazz today.  Everything from Twitter to Facebook, Myspace to LinkedIn, and while those are common place in the “social media world”, there is nothing that says you can’t socialize elsewhere, including on your own blog.

Using your blog as a place to connect with and socialize with your “target market” is truly a smart idea.  Your blog is a great place to drive traffic to your website, find out more about your readers, and connect with your target market.

You may be wondering just “how” do you do this, well the answer is in your comments.  Encouraging commenting to your blog posts by finishing up the posts with a question or by using your blog to do “backwards” posts or posts where your audience actually provides the content of the posts in the comments section.  This is a great way to socialize with your readers, gain some much needed feedback and learn more about what your audience is needing.

So, if you didn’t think your blog could be a social place, think again and try it out today.

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