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Using WordPress Is Good for Your Website & Your Business

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WordPress is a blogging platform, a quite popular blogging platform that is because of the many options and benefits that it gives you.  As a result it is a wise choice for when you are going to have a blog in use for your business.

WordPress has the option for its users to “self-host” their  blog on their own website, allowing their business website and their blog to be instantly connected.  This allows for easier integration and promotion.

When your customers visit your website they will instantly see your blog or at least the direct link to it and be engaged and drawn in, which is after all what you want.  They may even subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed or send their friends back to your site to read a post.

If you are using certain WordPress plugins (another added benefit of WordPress) they may even “share” your post quickly and easily with the plugin option right from the post itself, such as with the plugin Sociable or Share This.

WordPress also has built in SEO abilities that give you more “bang for your buck” so to speak. With it’s built in search engine optimizing abilities you don’t have to work quite as hard to make your blog SEO friendly.  This is truly a benefit if you aren’t very SEO savvy.   Additional plugins such as All In One SEO make the use of additional SEO tricks easier for the user as well.

As you can see, WordPress is a great choice if you are planning to incorporate blogging into your business strategies as an online business owner.

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  • Shane

    Thanks for the great information Dawn,
    I never realized the benefit of a Blog, now I have started one targeting the keywords my primary website uses and WOW! Free Search Engine Traffic! I look forward to your next post!

    Shane Purcell
    Home Biz Rockstar Marketing

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