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Three Facebook Metrics for Business Marketing

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With over 800 million users, Facebook is the largest online social network. Every day, enormous amounts of information are collected about each active user. This allows Page owners to gain insight into their fans and discover what needs to be done in order to offer them a better experience, which will help improve marketing results.

When you know which metrics to focus on, it is easy to get the most vital information without having to sort through infinite data. Here are the three most important metrics to watch when it comes to improving your Facebook pages.

How many people are “Talking About This”?

This metric is viewable by everyone who visits your page. This number totals up the number of people who have interacted with your page in one way or another within the last seven days. That includes people who have liked you, shared or commented on a post, tagged your page, answered a question, etc. Each week, you will be able to see the increased or decreased percentage of People Talking About This.

Engaging users is the key to creating avid fans. It is important to create a strong online community if you want to build up your fan base. Ask them questions, take a poll. Encourage users to respond and like your posts. Add little calls-to-action in each post in order to foster interaction between your fans and your page. When people leave a comment, respond! Show them that you really are there and ready to talk.

Keep track of your “Engaged Users.”

The Page Post Information section on your dashboard will tell you how many unique users have clicked on your post or in the comments. This information will be tracked for 28 days.

This metric will give you better insight into what types of posts encourage the most interaction from users-like questions or pictures. When you know what is getting the most engagement from users, you will be able to gear your posts specifically for them.

Know your “External Referrers.”

When you click on “Reach,” you will be able to see how many times people were brought to your Facebook Page from an outside source and on what dates. This is important because you want to know where and how people are finding you. It could be from one of your blogs, an outside blog or a search engine.

When you know where your traffic is coming from, then you need to make sure you have your Facebook Page optimized so that it can be indexed by Google. You can do this by having key worded information in your “Info Tab.”

To get more traffic from outside sites, try to guest post for others in your niche. When you put yourself out there, you will increase the likelihood that more people will find you.

Have a Like button on your websites and blogs so that you can gain more traffic from your own sites as well. Let visitors know that you have “Gone Social.” To build up your fan numbers, you need to take action and drive them to your Facebook Page.

Are you monitoring your Facebook Insights? What has been the most helpful to you? Share with us!


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