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The 5 Groups of Facebook Fans

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When it comes to our Facebook fans, we often just lump them all together. We forget that each of those fans actually falls into one of several different classifications. They are all unique individuals, but the way they interact with your social media sets them apart from one group to the next.

Knowing what type of fan is in each one of these groups will allow you to adjust your content so that it is an ideal fit for each of them.


The Token Fans

These are fans who like your page simply because they are employees of your company or friends who want to show you support for your business. The problem with these fans is that they generally don’t actively engage with you through social media.

In order to turn these token fans into active fans, you need to work on engaging them. If they are an employee, try putting them in the spotlight for their achievements at work. For friends, write up a special thank you for their support in a post.


The Prospectors

A prospector is a fan who learned of your business from someone or somewhere else and has taken an interest in your company. With these fans, there is always a potential to earn a new customer or client. If you keep them intrigued and engaged with your content, they will continue to interact with your business page. Give inside looks at your company. Give these fans a sense of your personality and you will be sure to bring them across the line from prospector to consumer.


The Constant Contestant

There are many people who will like a face book page simply to get a shot at winning a prize. If you recently ran your own special sweepstake contest, chances are you gained a few more fans. But, as soon as the contest has ended, they will probably never come back to your page again and may even unlike the page altogether.

These fans can do a lot to promote your page because they will be ready to share their excitement for your promotions. They’ll share it with all of their friends, who will share with their friends and so on. That’s a free marketing opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. To keep them engaged, start talking up your next contest as the current one is nearing its close. Offer exclusive fan-only deals and coupons at random times to keep them watching your page.


The Fair-Weather Fan

This is someone who has used your services or products and has liked your page in order to keep up with what’s new in your company. They may also use it as a means to reach out to you for any customer service-type interactions.

With these fans, it is possible that they will leave negative feedback if they are ever dissatisfied with your company for one reason or another.

Always address any questions, concerns or comments that these people leave on your page as soon as you can. Treat them as you would any customer that contacted you on the phone or in person.


The Devoted Fan

These are the fans you want to have. They interact more often with your page and view your company and brand in a positive light. They enjoy that sense of community that comes with engaging not just with you but with fellow fans.

Always reach out to these fans. Thank them for their comments. Ask for their opinions on upcoming products and what they would like to see in the future. These fans want to be a part of your company, so make sure you do what you can to create that feeling.

Your fans are what help keep your social media marketing plans flowing. It is important to understand the different types of fans you have so you can adjust your content to keep them talking.

Have you noticed the differences between all of your fans? What do you do to make sure they are being as engaged as possible on Facebook? Share with us!



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