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Stop Selling and Start Interacting

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So, you signed up for a few social media sites.  Maybe you created a blog, signed up for Twitter and Facebook.  You created your profile, threw some stuff up on the sites, made a mention or two of your business or your latest specials and you begin to wonder, “Why is this not working?” or “Where’s the payoff?”

The truth is, if you that is all you’re going to do or you expect to gain a following, or get something from the use of those social media sites without interacting with others, then you’ve got it all wrong.  One key to success in using social media is to well “socialize” or “interact” with others.  While sure you’re ultimate goal is to gain something for you and your business in order to do so you’re going to have to “go along with the show”, you’re going to have to jump in to the great pool of people and socialize and interact a bit in order to make it truly worthwhile for you. 

Sure, selling via social media can be done, but it has to be done right and only after you’ve gotten to know those who you’re interacting with, that’s just the way it works.


  • Stephanie

    Dawn, you made a very good point! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! ;)

    Have a Great Night!

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