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Social NetWorking Works because of You

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People will make up a group and when it comes to social networking, this begins with YOU because you have to sign up first to become a member and then add friends into your network.

This process is standard in most social networking sites. You usually have to give your first and last name, gender, age, religion, occupation and a few other things to create your profile. Once this is completed, you are now a member.

For you to have your own social network, within your social network, You now have to invite your friends to join the site. In order to expand that, you can look at the featured members or see who else has similar interests.

Other members will also want to expand their network and if you want them to add you, one thing You should do is make your profile very interesting. Let people know what your hobbies are, what sports do you enjoy, what is your take on politics.

Within a social networking site, You can create your own small group. Aside from discussing in online forums, you can take it to the next level by organizing events where members get to meet and do all sorts of activities.

Another way to start social networking is to create your own social networking site. You download open source programs. There are a lot of them around that have similar features to that of MySpace and Facebook so you don’t have to spend a thing.

The challenging part will be to let people know that you have a social network. You should start by telling your friends and hopefully, they will spread the word around. You don’t stop there of course. Another way will be to put links to your site or advertise a bit by putting a few ads in other sites.

For your social networking site to survive you have to do what MySpace and YouTube does which is to generate revenue through advertising. You can post an ad so that members who want to promote their product or service will be able to get their business or offer to your members.

Advertising in a social networking site could earn you millions of dollars. You won’t make that money overnight but the longer You are operational, this will happen in the months and years to come.

Social networking sites grow because those who use it are not restricted by distance. This means that someone from Europe or Asia may become a member. The only problem will be if they cannot understand English which is why You should also make this understandable in other languages.

In summary, social networking begins with You and creating your own account or your own site. The key to getting noticed by the millions of surfers on the web is by promoting yourself through your profile, links, comments, pictures – let your network reflect You. While some individuals are happy using a popular site, others have bigger dreams by using this as a stepping stone.


  • Suzanne Franco

    Hi Dawn ~ Great post … I really like the way you progressively took us from simply signing up on to starting our own network. I look forward to networking more with you *huGs* Suzanne

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