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Social Media loves Business Promotion

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Yes you can rightly use web 2.0 tools for the marketing and promotion of your business. The basics start out the same.

Write Excellent Content: Stuff your readers want to read – this is not for sales ads, letters or pitches – we want to provide high quality, informative content.

Set up a plan and goals for this marketing campaign: treat it like any other advertising venture – reminder social media does take some time to build your presence so be realistic in your goals.

Where is your target market? Just like any other advertising go where your customers are and make yourself social there. Participate in the discussions and make comments, follow along and see what they are interested in, what they might be lacking or needing.

Allow your target to participate with you, your website/blog and profiles and make it easy for them to do so. Then go back and actually absorb what your target market had to say and let them know you were there. Answer questions, make comments – participate!

Make your social media profiles accessible to your visitors, posts links or updates on your blog – make your information/updates public. Don’t just promote business here, sometimes be personable – share a little bit about yourself and daily life – it makes you a person not a business.

When/if you can, take advantage of video and audio to tell people about your products or offers. These should also be used in the video social media outlets.

Keep yourself and your website/blog current in your niche. Post regularly and have fun. It really should feel like socializing at times, if not it might be time to find someone to socialize for your business.

Make your information easily accessible for bookmarking, subscribing and make sure to set up RSS Feeds.

And 1 final word of caution: Do Not Spam – don’t add someone to your list just because they commented, or asked a questions. Don’t go around making comments of no value, if you don’t have anything related /informative to say – just keep going. Hi and I was here or nice site don’t work anymore.


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