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Six Steps to Social Media Content

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When it comes to using social media one of the key things that you will need to create is content.  For some, this can be a struggle.  Here are six steps to creating and truly benefiting from social media content, not once, but multiple times.  The steps are:

Step One: Researching your topics and keywords. Knowing your business and knowing it well is one thing, but to accurately use social media you”ll also have to know your content topics and keywords well enough to know what your audience is searching for. This is the first step.

Step Two: Researching your information based on keyword and topic choice. Once you know what you keywords and topics are you will want to do some research, which you will then use to develop your content.

Step Three: Create your content.
Start writing, it is that simple. Write your blog posts then write articles, write, write write. The great part about this step is that once you start writing you can use what you’ve written multiple times. That’s the next step.

Step Four: Repurpose your content.
Turn a blog post into an article. Turn an article into a survey. Switch it up and create an email series. Create a video.

Step Five: Use a blogging schedule and begin posting on that schedule. Scheduling your writing will help you to stay on track, stay motivated keep up the content.

Step Six: Publish your content often and well. To make the most of social media content you must publish often and do it well. This is the key to making it work for you!


  • Deb Lamb

    Good morning and thank you for such a valuable and informative article! I think most folks struggle with good and constant article, blog or website material. This information has been most helpful!

    Thank you for your time and make it a great day!

    Deb Lamb

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