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Organize Your Friends on Facebook

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Just recently I realized that you could organize your friends on Facebook, making it much easier to keep up with all of the people I have “friended”.  Creating separate friends lists for “close friends”, “colleagues”, “friends in business”, and others is a great way to keep Facebook easier to use and enjoy.

To create these friend’s lists and organize them simply go under the friends tab in Facebook, look to the left where there is a list of Friend Lists.  Most likely this will just be one list at the moment, called “All Friends”. Underneath you will see a blue button that will allow you to Make a New List.  Click this button to create a new friends list for each group of friends you’d like to create.

You can then add friends to the lists two ways.  Click on the friends list you wish to add your friend to and begin typing their name in the box to the right, or you can click add multiple friends to check and select each friend you’d like to add to the list allowing you to add a bunch of them at once.

Creating and organizing your friends lists in Facebook is easy to do and will help you tons in the long run when using it for business or personal connections.

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