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Networking in this social place we call the internet.

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Social networking is … many things to many people – to me it is giving yourself and/or your business a voice outside of your day to day discussions that can be shared across a wider platform, more quickly than the telephone and more clearly than any passed along message. It is a place where you can be you and not have to see the gestures or facial expressions of the person on the other end. You don’t have to be a social butterfly in the real world to prosper online. Nay sayers are still there, but you can ignore them. Social connections

There are many different avenues to being social online, you can show your personal side with Myspace or Facebook or updates about daily life and/or business at Plurk or Twitter. Do you like a good quiz now and then, Quizilla is the place for you, to promote your seminars try Podclass. Whatever you choose or whomever your market is there is a social media outlet for you.

The only true downside to social networking is the amount of time that social networking can take. Social networking is something that needs to nurture and grow. You can’t join today and see results tomorrow. This is a difficult concept for this immediate results driven world. You must be prepared to allow your “relationships” to develop and grow.

What is your definition of Social marketing? Jump in and give it a try or we can socialize for you.


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