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Likaholix is a fun new way to share what you like, and discover new things that you like.  To sign up for Likaholix you visit the site and request an account.  They will then email you an invitation.  Since the sight is all about “likes” once you are a member you can search for things that you like.  Once you type in your item, it provides you with a list of landing pages.  The site also pulls up relevant photos and videos.  If you like the item, you press the button confirming that you like it. Likaholix allows you to build a list of things that you like and recommend.

The site uses things that you have liked to build a list of recommendations for you from things other people have liked.

This service is similar to Twitter, but it is for recommendations and likes.  It is fairly simple to join, and you can invite your friends to join as well.  You can also send out your recommendations through Facebook, Twitter, and FriendFeed.  

Likaholix was created to help you meet new people who like the same things as you.  You can also invite your friends and find random things that they like.  The service was started by two former Google employees.  To find out more information about Likaholix or to sign up for an account visit the site here.


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