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Importance of Resource Box

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Article marketing, it’s a wise move for business owners, but only if it includes one valuable essential, a resource box.  Without a strong resource box your article marketing efforts will be done in vain.  So, to make the most of your efforts you will need to include a strong resource box. 

This resource box will direct others back to you and your website.  It will also show your expert status.  The following are resource box essentials:

Your Name – Use your full name, the name you go by at least and the title by which you’d like to be known.

Your Website Address -  This is your chance to send others to your website.  You will want to include the entire url:

Your Call to Action -  You want people to DO” something as a result of reading your article.  So invite them to do it, whether that is sign up for your ezine, buy your book or just merely visit your website call them to do so.

So, the next time your writing an article to help market your business, don’t forget the most important part, the resource box.

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    something so simple that many folks don’t do.
    good read!

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