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I Have A Blog Now What?

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If you have started a blog for your small business you may be wondering, “How do I get anyone to read it?” or “How to I promote this?”  The good news is that with social media, promoting your blog can be fairly easy, and much of it you can automate or you can have others to do for you.

After all at the heart of social media is the simple act of “sharing”.  People share what they like with others.  If you can get others to like what you’re writing on your blog then you can get them to share it with others through social media.   But first why not begin by sharing it yourself.

Set up or create and use social media sites for yourself and use their resources and tools to promote your blog.  Create a Facebook profile and upload your RSS feed to your profile using the Notes tool.  This will automatically import your blog posts to your Facebook profile.  People won’t even have to go to your blog to read them they can simply read them on your profile.

Create a Twitter account and post links to your blog posts.  Of course you will want to use Twitter to socialize with your audience as well, don’t just tweet links or people will likely get tired of following you and not ever click on your links.

Create a LInkedIn profile and add your blog url on your profile.  Friend others and interact with them, they’ll likely check out your profile and your blog.

These are only a few ways that you can use social media to promote your blog there are dozens of others.  Just get out there, be social and let the blog work for you.

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