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Get Your Tweet On

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Twitter, the micro-blogging application that is truly the hottest thing on the Internet today.  Who knew that talking with others via 140 characters could be so exciting.  Not to mention the fact that it is an amazingly easy way to market your business.  You can literally put a 140 character blurb out there and allow it to spread the word about your businesses’ grand opening, one time special or anything that you want to get the word out about.  You can also use Twitter to connect with like-minded business individuals, learn more about your target market, connect with those in your target market, the list of things that you can do with Twitter goes on and on.

One of the drawbacks though of using Twitter merely on the web page itself is that you have to constantly check that particular site, refresh constantly and toggle back to that screen over and over throughout the day to stay in touch with your Twitter world.

Luckily there are many Twitter tools that you can use to help you stay connected to the “Twitterverse” and to make the most out of Twitter.  One of the most popular of these being TweetDeck.  TweetDeck is a downloadable desktop program that will help you to micro-manage your micro-blogging through Twitter.  Allowing you to not only keep up with those you are following but also to display side by side your replies, your direct messages and even create groups to display your favorite followees as well as search for specific hashtags that are being tweeted about.  Tweetdeck can truly maximize your use of Twitter.

It even has the ability to make it more fun by changing your deck’s colors and moving your lists around in whatever order you prefer.  It also has a feature that you can toggle on and off that will chirp and create a pop up on your screen when a new tweet comes through for you to read.  This can be a bit annoying so the option to turn it off is nice.

Regardless, if you’re going to be an avid Tweeter I highly suggest finding a Twitter program that will work for you.


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