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Facebooks’ New Profile Page

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Facebook has done it again.  We all know Facebook for making dozens of changes on a regular basis.  The latest, the look and feel of our profile page.  Have you changed to the new page yet?  Do you like it?  Dislike it?

If you haven’t made the leap, it isn’t required yet, but if you’re curious you can go here: http://facebook.com/about/profile to choose to take the leap.  The new look of the Facebook profile is much more visual with photos featured in a scrolling bar at the top of your profile.  The tabbed area is eliminated, which makes me wonder what’s next for our business pages?

Another nice feature however that would look nice on a business page is the introduction area that gives a brief synopsis if you will of who the person is and their “bio”, for example it includes, where they work, attended school and live.

Do you think business pages will be next to get the facelift?



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