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Facebook Usernames Anyone?

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I’ve been on Facebook a long time and for years it has been difficult to point someone to my profile. I can remember in the early days of Facebook just giving up giving out my url as it was too complicated to figure out. 

No longer will Facebook users have this dilemma, because as of Saturday, June 12, Facebook will be set up to use vanity usernames and will allow you to secure http://facebook.com/username.  This can be your name, your preferred handle of some type, whatever your heart desires, if you can get it before someone else does.  So, Friday you’ll need to be scurrying over to Facebook to secure your preference before it is snatched up!

You will want to consider your username wisely, as once you secure it on Facebook it cannot be changed.  This is a permanent decision.  Fan pages can choose their username as well.  You will want to secure your business name, but you must have had your page prior to May 31st and have at least 1000 fans in order to do so.

Securing your name on the web is a smart move these days and as popular as Facebook is and the rankings it has in the search engines, I’d encourage you to choose your own name.  It’s just smart!

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