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Facebook Changes: How They Will Impact Your Online Marketing Strategy

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Change is in the air, and it’s not just the seasons. Facebook has been working overtime to shake up the social network, making it even more user friendly. With the online community growing to nearly 800 million, the new updates are sure to be much-appreciated. These new Facebook changes are also going to have an impact on the strategies of every online marketer as well.

When you use social media to help promote your company and boost branding power, Facebook plays a major role in your online marketing strategy. Here are some tips on what changes you need to make to your social media marketing strategy in order to keep up with the new updates:

Focus on User Engagement

Facebook is hoping to generate greater interaction between users and Brand Pages. Marketers will be given more per-post metrics and analysis so that they can see what posts are encouraging the most interaction with fans.

Now, smaller businesses can focus on writing more powerful posts instead of constantly adding mediocre ones. With the updates to the News Feed, having a compelling post is going to be seen by more Page fans. The key is to focus on quality posts, not flooding the News Feed with uninteresting filler posts.

Create Multiple Fan Pages

The target audience of many companies can be extremely varied. Each user can have a different reaction to your content. It may be more beneficial to create unique pages for each type of user, maybe one for younger users and another for more mature fans. This can lead to greater fan engagement overall.

Some audience members may enjoy some of your more ribald posts but others can be put off by them. By creating a Page that will cater to each user’s unique personality, you won’t be alienating anyone. A good social media marketing strategy is built to suit a diverse audience.

Connect With Engaged Fans

The changes to Facebook’s News Feed mean that brand posts aren’t going to be as widely seen by every person who clicked your “Like” button. This may not sound like a good thing, but the truth is that the people you do reach are much more likely to be engaged fans. They will take the time to interact on your Pages, whereas others only clicked your button on a whim and never even visit your Page.

The engaged fans will be sharing your content with their own network of friends, which they communicate with on a regular basis. This will lead to a much more focused group of fans who want to engage with you.

When your online marketing strategy incorporates social media into the formula, it’s important to keep up with the new changes. Social networking sites, like Facebook, are constantly evolving to keep users engaged. When you implement these changes into your social media marketing strategy, you’ll ensure that you are connecting with your fans on every level.

How are you changing your social media marketing strategy in order to keep up with the changes? Do you like the new updates to Facebook? Share with us!



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