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Don’t Let Your Business Take the Summer Off From Social Media

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It’s summer and we are all wishing we could be on the beach enjoying the warm sunshine or in the mountains trying to cool off in a stream, but most of us, as business owners are still behind the desk.  The truth is there is still work to be done.  And, if you are using social media for marketing your business, or for networking, then you shouldn’t use the summer as an excuse to “take it easy”.

The important thing to remember with social media is that it is all about “relationships”.  You use the avenue of social media to build relationships.  Though you may feel you are merely talking to a computer screen the truth is there is another living, breathing, human on the other side of that computer screen that is much like you and wants to be “connected” with in a real way. 

Like all relationships those you make via social media will need to be maintained in order to thrive and grow, therefore it is not healthy to take “time off” from them even in the summer, you will want to do all that you can to maintain them.  The process of building relationships and connections online is much like it is offline and will need to be nurtured and cared for to ensure that they grow and thrive.

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  • dawn sandomeno

    This is so true! It can be exhausting though because you feel only as good as your last post or tweet! Great info here Dawn. Thanks!

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  • Dawn Pigoni, IVAA Member