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Do you know How to Use Pinterest Secret Boards for Marketing?

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Pinterest recently unveiled its new feature: secret boards. This is great for creating boards full of stuff you don’t want other people to see. So, how can this new feature be useful for businesses? By giving you a tool for gathering ideas and inspiration.

Pinterest is a great place to display your products. It’s also an excellent place to go when you want to see what items are trending and what people are interested in.

Here are six ways to use the new secret Pinterest boards to benefit your business:

Private Collaboration

You have the ability to invite only Pinterest members to view your private boards by invite only. This makes it a good way to share the information with only the members of your marketing team and keep it private from the other users and brands on the site. You add people with either their email address or Pinterest user name, giving them the ability to pin to that board.

Profile Your Competitors

You can arrange pin boards for each of your competitors, gathering their blog posts, products, press releases and articles. You can also track the new products that are being released in your niche market. Since these boards are private, no one will be the wiser about what you’re keeping an eye out for.

Plan Surprises

If you are planning a special occasion- surprise party, wedding, baby shower- or are about to launch a new product, you might want to keep your ideas under wraps. Use a private pin board to plan your surprises. When you’re ready to let others in on the secret, you can simply switch the board from private to public.


Keep up with the people you make contact with at business-related events, the local chamber of commerce, craft fairs, trade shows, etc. It is like a little black book of business contacts that you want to keep fresh in your head. You can pin any articles or blog posts they have online as well as the products or services they provide.

Profile Potential Clients

You can gather information about potential clients and pin the information to a private board. Find articles and blog posts they wrote or that have been written about them. Look at their boards to get insight into their likes, wants and needs. This can get you an inside track into the minds of clients so you can earn their business and trust.

Collect Inspiration

Use a private board to collect inspiration for all things that pertain to your business, including website layouts and designs, advertising, improving products, product development, videos, and marketing tactics. Pin ideas you find on other pin boards or from around the Web. You can keep all of this away from the eyes of your competitors on these special boards.

Pinterest is evolving into an even more powerful tool for businesses to use in marketing. The secret boards will be another great way for your company to stay on top of the competition and get to know their future customers on another level.

Have you created secret Pinterest boards? How are you using them for your business?


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