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Do You Deliver Via Social Media

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CB107657So, you have made the leap into using social media, you’ve set up a Facebook, a LinkedIn profile, you know how to tweet, but are you using the power of social media fully to your advantage? Do you not only just have these profiles and sites set up but are you also utilizing them, interacting with your contacts and delivering your services or at least making contacts to do so via these sites?

The truth is people are using social media more and more to make contact with service providers and to “shop” for what they are needing.  They also use it to “solve” their issues and search for answers to their questions.  As a result, if you are active and engaged in social media you can use this as an opportunity to provide for their needs, solve their problems and answer their questions, helping to make you the “go to guy or gal” for those people who are searching for what you have to offer.

Another thing consumers are doing is that they are using social media avenues to either rant or rave about services and products, make sure what is being said about you out there is positive and use social media yourself to resolve any issues that do arise about you so you can keep your record clean.

Social media truly is where it is at and where YOU should be too.

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