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Dawn’s View: Social Media Interaction for Your Company

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Sunday afternoon we went to a local Day Out With Thomas Event (if you have a younger boy, you might have heard of Thomas) with my husband, boys, my Mother in Law and her Husband. It was tons of fun. After the event we stopped at Wild West Town for Dinner, where we got to meet Wild Bill Hickok (wink, wink).

During dinner my MIL starts to tell me this story about how a “Social Media” company is pitching her local chamber with a social media system where they won’t have to participate in social media at all – what are you kidding me?

It gets better – they are pitching this to the whole town – a whole town of companies on social media without participating…. Yes I run a company that offers social media assistance and yes my slogan is Where we’ll do the socializing for you” but I don’t believe any company can benefit from social media without a “true” representative from the company having some interaction in whatever social media outlet they choose to use. What do you think?


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